Tissylicious, a lonely unicorn


Under Construction

Fanny please, just one person used to call me by my long name (my father) and passed away. I don't let anyone else calling me in that way. Just use Fanny or Tiff, please.
At this moment (May 2016) I'm 32 years old. I look like as if I were in my earlies twenties, I know it xD.
I'm from Ourense (Galicia), Spain and I currently "live" there (or maybe not?).

You better just check my linkedin profile.

I love watching TV shows and horror movies.
I can't live without videogames.
I'm also into anime and manga.
I like listening to my favourite songs 24/7.
I just love doing my makeup and search for new cosmetics around the net.
I spend a lot of time looking for new inspirational artworks/illustrations (because I srsly need to start drawing again).
I used to read A LOT, I need to do it again u.u
Swimming pools give me life.

I draw and paint since I was little. I got it from my dad! I prefer painting, but drawing is necessary xD. Now I'm kinda away from my primary hobby... such a pity really, but the motivation decreased while my depression increased.

I'm into gothic metal, rock, folk, gothic rock, visual kei, j-rock, j-pop, k-pop... I'm into almost everything! Check my profile~
I sing, well, I can sing but I never do it. I used to be in a coral as one of the 4 main singers (mezzo-soprano) and had my own gothic metal band (we never released anything at all, just covers and no, no videos sorry)

I own two cats. Luna (black and white) is living with my mother due to problems with my second cat, Sona (russian blue/tabby) who is younger and can't live without me xD. RIP Luna, u will be truly missed (T_T)
I used to have a lot of hamsters, but I was tired of them living so short >_< (no more hamsters).
I wanna own a rabbit, but can't right now u.u
I'm not into dogs, is not that I dislike them, but I don't like them either (I don't even find cute any puppie). I'm a CAT LADY!

UPD I'm 51kg atm :D I used to be 50kg, but due to some medication I gained 13kg!! (63kg) I'm on a diet right now (started at the gym this month, finally!).
Blue for years, I'm into pink/magenta atm my natural blonde hair atm
39'5 - 40 EU shoe size (25cm)
M t-shirt size (but I like them one size bigger)
36 - 38 trousers/skirt/dress size
I wear glasses!

Divorced parents since I was 11 years old. My father passed away at Sep2014. I am... married to Darth Vader. I have one half-brother.

7 - nose ring (right), lip ring (left), three at my right ear and two at the left one.
I used to have a ring at my left eyebrow.

A blue rose at my left wrist.
"HOPE" written at my left wrist too.
Inverted cross at the back of my neck.
Two kanjis at my upper left back supposed to say "Ore Fanny" (yes, in a manly way).
A huge combination of hearts, candies, lollipops, unicorn, cupcake, icecream, squirrel, ribbons, flowers and clouds at my right arm. Unfinished (>_<) cos the tattoo artist is very busy...
And more to come!

I hate politics, never bring that topic in a conversation!
I'm wiccan.

Pansexual (google it)
Or maybe just Catsexual.

ANXIETY controls my daily life right now.
I'm a very difficult person. I suffer from depression since too many years ago and anxiety since a few months ago (it's getting better).
I'm very sensitive, you see me acting all cool and everything, but I do that to hide the fact that I'm very shy and nervous in real life (but extroverted, weird combination).
I'm so tired of being a piece of meat.
I'm not here to pleasure anyone, ever.
Once u meet me irl, u will see that I'm a really nice person (please, don't listen to weird rumours and all the bashing people who don't know me at all throw at me, take ur time to take a coffee with me ^_^)

I'm natural golden blonde. I have been dying my hair since I was 13 years old. I currently have it pink, but I plan to let it be healthier by turning back to my blonde after summer maybe? Who knows! I'm back being blonde lol
You can say that my eyes are black since they're so dark you can't see the pupil unless you pay a lot of attention under sunlight lol.
I have a lot of moles (I use filters at my pics to hide them, I know, it's stupid).
I'm so pale that you can see my veins at my eyelids.


If you have any questions not stated here, contact me (^_^)

Cute Blue Flying Butterfly